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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Emma Passes (2007-2010)

Emma passed away Tuesday, February 9, 2010 at 11:20 a.m. I was by her side and she passed peacefully. She leaves behind 4 grieving people, 2 fellow dogs and 1 loving cat friend. She will be missed by all who knew this wonderfully gentle and caring individual.

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Sunday, May 4, 2008

False Pregnancy

Emma began her puppy heat March 30, 2008. The first week of May, she began developing mammary tissue and looking pregnant. She stomach area had been sensitive to the touch, and she was acting sad, low energy, and excessively hungry. I took her to visit her veterinarian, who diagnosed a false pregnancy. Apparently, false pregnancies are common after a heat when there is no conception. Thank goodness Emma's condition is not severe. Even so, we will wait to spay her for a couple of months, and each symptom of the false pregnancy is gone. The main reason is the increased blood flow to the reproductive areas makes surgery more risky than usual. Your dog has a high risk of bleeding out and dieing. It is best to wait until the blood flow is back to normal, then spay.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Emma's Puppy Heat

Emma just finished her first puppy heat at 14 months old. She will be able to be spayed now that she has had her first heat, advised by her breeder, Lin Hainlen. Lin and other Rhodesian Ridgeback breeders seem to agree, that spaying should not be done until after the first heat. They say the risk of have an incontinent female is almost nothing, were as, incontinence is common when spaying is done before the first heat. So, Emma has a surgical date in May. We have all taken the week free of activities so that we can be at home with her, and let her rest and heal.

I thought the heat cycle would be messy and a problem with dogs gathering around our home. Neither was the case. The first 15 days, there was a little blood, so Emma wore a doggy diaper with disposable liners. It was very simple, though a little expensive. After the first couple of days Emma would bring her diaper to me to put it on when she entered the house. Emma is a house dog, in that she is where ever I am, either out-of-doors or inside. When I am working, she is on a bed in the same room. There are clean beds in every room in the house, and on the porches.

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Friday, July 20, 2007

Emma at 24 Weeks

Emma was 23 weeks in this photograph. She was in to everything out of shear frustration. We are remodeling and updating our landscaping, so the dogs have strangers on the property, and they are restricted to areas where they can play. See the new blog of our home remodeling adventure by visiting

Emma was so tired following an hour of swimming and playing in the swimming pool, after eating her dinner, she collapsed on her bed for several hours.

My son was playing with Emma and took this image with his free hand. Emma is such a fun and fun-loving puppy.

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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Emma at 22 weeks

Emma posed for this photograph taken by Reed Hamel. Notice her beautiful ridge. She is growing so much, and can't go where she could a month ago, and she becomes bewildered.

I hope you enjoy the snapshots of Emma. Her face and head are beginning to mature now that she is 22 weeks old, and she seems to be nearly through her teething stage. She is enjoying her swim 2-3 evenings each week, always wearing her life jacket.

Emma loves the little zebra toy from Walgreen's. She sleeps with this one and a soft, stuffed pink pig. She is growing and covering much more of her LL Bean bed. Some times Buster, our Cairn Terrier, shares Emma's bed.

Emma and Pippin, our Sheltie, both enjoy the African leopard, though Pippin some times is a little possessive with this toy, particularly today. Emma listens when Pippin objects, some times Emma throws herself onto the floor and argues like a little puppy. We haven't been able to catch that event on film.

The following are the faces of Emma. The temperature has been so very hot, Emma and the others wish to spend no unnecessary time out-of-doors. When I am able, I will take some images of her full body.

Digital photograph taken by Reed Hamel, 7-4-07 in Gilbert, Arizona

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Emma goes swimming with new life jacket.

Emma began learning to swim a few weeks ago with the help of Jeffrey Flocker, a physical therapist, see an earlier blog entry for details. Several important lessons came from that experience. Emma knows to swim to the stairs of the pool if she needs out, instead of panic and struggle at the edge, to perhaps drowned. We also learned the importance of the life jacket made just for dogs and cats by Cascade Outfitters. The jacket is adjustable and fits Emma now and will fit her as an adult. The jacket has a handle at the back to provide an additional safety measure.

Emma is still a baby in our minds, and we treat her as if she needs some assistance periodically. Some dogs will dig at the person in the water, while Emma sits quietly in the arms of a trusted family member.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Emma Puppy Play Date with 6 of her siblings and mother

Yesterday was a puppy play day for Emma’s brothers and sisters at Copper Ridge Rhodesians Kennels. Lin Hainlen and her daughter Aura, hosted a play day, and seven of the eleven puppies showed up. Emma is on the left, walking with her brother, also a light colored Ridgeback. Notice the pronounced ridge down their back, thus their name, and the light areas on their neck and shoulder.

The puppies enjoyed the trampoline with those who joined in the fun. Lin had her acre-sized yard prepared for the party with pull and chew toys, a tire to jump through, the swimming pool, an in-ground trampoline, and nylon cloth tunnels for puppy enjoyment. Also present were Reese, the puppy’s mother, and ladies in waiting, Whisper and Varoshka.

Emma and her siblings enjoyed the agility practice tube. Emma is the one just exiting the tube. Notice her big, bright white tooth, the first of the big dog teeth to help her eat. She is teething, and having some real discomfort with the process. Our dog trainer from Kokopelli Dog Training, suggested freezing a Kong or freeze a terry cloth rag for her to chew. I do some T-Touch circles on her mouth before she goes to sleep in the evening, and she seems to sleep better. Only a few more weeks, and her adult teeth should be through the gum and she will feel better.

The group enjoyed resting under the shade on the cool grass. Emma is second on the left. Reese, their mother, is the furthest away on the gravel. Notice how much lighter color Emma is compared with the others.

After the play time, Aura took Emma on her first show training walk. It was so very hot, Emma had little enthusiasm for the exercise.

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