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Saturday, April 21, 2007

More Photos of Emma at 12 Weeks

Emma always looks so grand. Even at 12 weeks old, she looks so mature to me.
Emma and Pippin, our pet Sheltie, love to puppy play. I hope they will have some new rules as Emma grows to be 3 or 4 times Pippin's size.
Look below to see Emma playing with a visitor, and my son just happened to catch the look. I love this photo, because she didn't trip over her own feet. She is gaining agility, improvement each week.

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Emma and Pippin

Emma at 12 weeks old in our front yard. She has been taking the ideas of standing proudly, and using them even during play times.
Emma loves to run and has great fun in the yard running out full. Emma is 12 weeks old in this photograph.
Emma's friend is Pippin, our Sheltland Sheepdog. They had been playing with a large ball and running in the yard for two hours. Both puppies were still for a few minutes, then up and running again. Emma was 12 weeks old and Pippin was 18 months old in this photograph.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Emma's New Collar

Emma is only 10 weeks old in this photograph. She likes to be wherever I am, even if it is in the restroom. I put this soft place for her to wait, though I don't think she will fit in it very much longer.

Emma has a new dog collar. It is 16” long and she wears it on the first hole. She will surely grow into it, past the last hole, and will need a larger one in a few weeks. Her collar is rolled leather. That shape is supposed to last a very long time and not wear the hair beneath it. I learned that tip from Barbara Raynsford, a former Doberman Pincer breeder/show participant, and now owns and operates Heritage Grooming in Gilbert, Arizona.

Emma’s collar will have a tag, which allows anyone who finds her to get in touch with us. Both Petco and Petsmart have the machine to make beautiful tags. The tag will only hold her name and our last name on the top line, our telephone number on the second line, and the state we live in on the last line.. She will have a dog license from the county, as soon as she is old enough to have the rabies shot , and a tag to alert anyone that she has a chip for identification. She has a microchip in her back for further identification, just in case she looses her collar.

Fitting the collar was easy. When it was buckled, I made certain there was plenty of room for two of my fingers to slip easily between the collar and her neck. Because she is a growing puppy, I will test her collar using the two-finger rule every day as I pet her. When the fit becomes snug, not tight, I will let it out a notch until there are no more holes. Then is the time to go to the next collar. If the collar becomes wet, I will remove it so that it does not shrink around her neck.

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Emma and Russian Borsch

Emma was the center of attention at our home Saturday. We had a few friends over for some Russian cuisine. Each knew of Emma because of the e-mail announcement I sent to everyone with her 8-week-old photo attached. I think they came to meet Emma as much as the visit and meal. Many brought gifts of play toys and long lasting displays of affection.

Russian food is not something I can just throw together. I shop and cook for several days. Emma loved the process. She loved the kitchen aromas and remained as close to the center of the action as possible. She had been having trouble eating as much as Lin Hainlen, the breeder, said she should be eating. Preparation for the meal, and the wafting aromas stimulated her apatite, and all of a sudden she was hungry, eating almost the amount she is supposed to.

I use “The Joy of Cooking” recipe for my Borsch. I e-mailed Lin this evening with the ingredients to be certain Emma could have her “dish of choice” to mix with The Honest Kitchen, Embark. She also has Van Patton’s Natural Balance kibble in her diet. I am hoping Lin can find no reason for Emma not to enjoy her Borsch on a regular basis.

Note: Onions are a toxic for your dog as chocolate, so leave out the onions!

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