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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Emma Puppy Play Date with 6 of her siblings and mother

Yesterday was a puppy play day for Emma’s brothers and sisters at Copper Ridge Rhodesians Kennels. Lin Hainlen and her daughter Aura, hosted a play day, and seven of the eleven puppies showed up. Emma is on the left, walking with her brother, also a light colored Ridgeback. Notice the pronounced ridge down their back, thus their name, and the light areas on their neck and shoulder.

The puppies enjoyed the trampoline with those who joined in the fun. Lin had her acre-sized yard prepared for the party with pull and chew toys, a tire to jump through, the swimming pool, an in-ground trampoline, and nylon cloth tunnels for puppy enjoyment. Also present were Reese, the puppy’s mother, and ladies in waiting, Whisper and Varoshka.

Emma and her siblings enjoyed the agility practice tube. Emma is the one just exiting the tube. Notice her big, bright white tooth, the first of the big dog teeth to help her eat. She is teething, and having some real discomfort with the process. Our dog trainer from Kokopelli Dog Training, suggested freezing a Kong or freeze a terry cloth rag for her to chew. I do some T-Touch circles on her mouth before she goes to sleep in the evening, and she seems to sleep better. Only a few more weeks, and her adult teeth should be through the gum and she will feel better.

The group enjoyed resting under the shade on the cool grass. Emma is second on the left. Reese, their mother, is the furthest away on the gravel. Notice how much lighter color Emma is compared with the others.

After the play time, Aura took Emma on her first show training walk. It was so very hot, Emma had little enthusiasm for the exercise.

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