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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter Morning with Emma

Emma and Buster played much of the morning in the living room, at least the times when they were not in the kitchen hoping for a treat.

The following e-mail was sent to Emma's breeder, Lin, this morning. Look for her response at the end.

Happy Easter Lin,

Emma has had a busy Easter morning. She slept until 5:15 a.m. when she needed out and her stomach was growling. She played and ate a hearty breakfast, then was outside with me doing yard work and watering until nearly 10 a.m. She learned about water hoses and water from the hose. What fun! She helped me sweep the front porch and dead head flowering plants. She stayed with me most of the time, except when Pippin chased the birds, or Buster ran and played. All the dogs are tired and sleeping. Emma is with LeiAnna in the office on a bed LeiAnna made just for Emma. Emma has a stuffed elephant that she particularly enjoys next to her, and the bed is next to LeiAnna's feet. Classical music is filling the house, and life is wonderful.

Emma barked for the first time. The neighbor lady was in her yard last evening, saw me and came over to her side of the fence to talk. Emma was a happy little puppy greeting her at first, then moved away, cautiously, and barked one time. I tried to coax her over toward the neighbor again, but Emma wanted nothing to do with the stranger. She seemed relieved when I moved away from the fence, circling my legs, and glancing back at the neighbor. Earlier yesterday the neighbors across the street came over to meet Emma, including their almost 2 year old son. Emma was puppy clumsy, but ever so gentle with the little boy. She has made quite an impression among the neighbors, not just for her beauty, but for her character.

Every member of our household appreciates Emma. The emptiness we have all felt has been filled by her precious being. Thank you.

Lin's reply:
I am delighted to get your updates. Kiss The Divine Miss Em for me ......

Happy Easter to you all!


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