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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Emma and Russian Borsch

Emma was the center of attention at our home Saturday. We had a few friends over for some Russian cuisine. Each knew of Emma because of the e-mail announcement I sent to everyone with her 8-week-old photo attached. I think they came to meet Emma as much as the visit and meal. Many brought gifts of play toys and long lasting displays of affection.

Russian food is not something I can just throw together. I shop and cook for several days. Emma loved the process. She loved the kitchen aromas and remained as close to the center of the action as possible. She had been having trouble eating as much as Lin Hainlen, the breeder, said she should be eating. Preparation for the meal, and the wafting aromas stimulated her apatite, and all of a sudden she was hungry, eating almost the amount she is supposed to.

I use “The Joy of Cooking” recipe for my Borsch. I e-mailed Lin this evening with the ingredients to be certain Emma could have her “dish of choice” to mix with The Honest Kitchen, Embark. She also has Van Patton’s Natural Balance kibble in her diet. I am hoping Lin can find no reason for Emma not to enjoy her Borsch on a regular basis.

Note: Onions are a toxic for your dog as chocolate, so leave out the onions!

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