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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Raw Food Diet for Emma

I have been reading extensively about the pros and cons of various diets for Emma. She is 12 weeks old and still not eating all Lin, her breeder, recommends for the puppies. There is the conventional, over the counter in the grocery store food, then there are the specialty brands, like those recalled, and finally the raw or part-raw diet like The Honest Kitchen.

Lin feeds her dogs The Honest Kitchen diet of dehydrated raw for one meal then kibble from Dick Van Patton called Natural Balance for the second meal of the day. She is recommending the same diet for Emma, reinforced with Missing Link and Vitamin C. I am following her lead, because her dogs all look healthy and happy, they are long-lived, and there is research to back up the approach. I have been adding raw whole carrots for Emma to chew on and small pieces of fresh apple. When I brush Emma’s teeth, she leans into my finger as if her gums and teeth are bothering her. She is chewing on everything, despite her endless supply of chew bones. I have also been doing TTouch on her gums at night as she is ready to retire for the evening. She is sleeping all night now. (I would too if someone were giving me a relaxing rubdown and foot massage as I lay in bed ready for sleep.)

I would love to hear your opinions about puppy diets for large breeds.

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